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An aggressive recovery program of inactive or DELINQUENT accounts, on a contingency fee basis. This fee will be based on the age of the accounts, the type of receivables and the geographical location of the account.


Telecollection is a service where ACTIVE accounts are managed by our telephone collectors who contact, remind and prompt account holders for timely repayments of out standing balances and also aids in the early detection of accounts that may results in non-payment and or bad debt. This service is best used for accounts that are uneconomical and unproductive to assign to your in-house staff. Telecollection pinpoints and targets accounts for aggressive recovery before they become delinquent, saving client’s time and further expenses.

The Benefits of Engaging Our Services at CRSB

Your collection representatives are a reflection of your financial institution. Collection is not only a sensitive but difficult area of activity. A great deal of trust an confidence is needed before a debt (account) is handed over to a company for recovery. As such you will need a firm whose ethical conduct is beyond reproach; one with a proven track record for effecting equitable solutions - with dispatch. In essence, you need a firm that will do credit to your organization and will protect your company hard - earned reputation.

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