• Key Personnel

    All personnel of Chain Resources all our staff are given training and assessed periodically in major areas of recovery such as :

    Tolerance and Good conduct Compilation of Status reports on recovery work done Training in the relevant provisions of Laws Basic legal knowledge on recovery matters
    Procedure on collection


    An aggressive recovery program of inactive or DELINQUENT accounts, on a contingency fee basis. This fee will be based on the age of the accounts, the type of receivables and the geographical location of the account.

  • Services Rendered by Chain Resources

    Malaysia Debt Recovery. Delinquent Account Recovery Debt and Credit Card Accounts Telecollection -Accounts Management and Call Center operations Legal Advise on Recovery Matters


Key Personnel

Management Team Operations | CRSB

The telephone is an exciting communication medium that can cut costs, boost profits, reactive lapsed accounts and win customers loyalty with astonishing speed. It is a personnel, immediate and effective means of building quality relationships with your clientele that can dramatically increase productivity. Telecollection is an organized cost-effective and quick method for professional collectors to contact account holders. Telecollection can help identify marginal accounts before they become delinquent and target these accounts for aggressive recovery action. This can dramatically improve your bottom line. Telecollections can increase recovery efficiency and profits by maintaining contact with your most priceless asset - your customer base. Telecollections is of optimal benefit on accounts that clients may find uneconomical or unproductive to assign to their in-house recovery staff. The power of telecollections comes with a responsibility to use the medium with discretion. Evidently annoying high-pressure calls., inconvenient time of phone calls to the debtor runs counterproductive. At Chain Resources our telecollectors are enthusiastic, well trained and extremely courteous. We can aid companies (like yours) to improve the quality of their customer/debtor contacts through superior account service. Our telecollection solution enables our clients to derive maximum value from every customer/debtor contact. Our highly trained supervisors will be monitoring the performance of both the individual telecollector and the entire operation so we can customize strategies accordingly.

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